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Few bands party harder based solely on the power of their SICK RIFFS than Philadelphia’s Rumpelstiltskin Grinder. Thankfully the dudes party just as hard in real life to back up their party-hard thrash-metal-via-Crüe-riffs ethos.

Since RsG’s new album Ghostmaker is coming out on June 19th, we asked guitarist Ryan Moll to count down his Top Ten favorite party of songs of all time. And that he did; party along with Ryan and MetalSucks after the jump.

10. Anthrax – “Caught In A Mosh”

If you are into metal and you like to party then it’s mandatory to include this song in your playlist.

9. Sex Pistols – “Anarchy in the U.K.”

Whether you’re into punk or not you still gotta love this song. There is no better way to party than to have pure, unapologetic anarchy!

8. Gwar – anything!…

Anything by this band. If there were a genre called “party metal” Gwar would easily be the forefathers.

7. Mercyful Fate – “Nuns Have No Fun”

Great party song. Long live the King! And he’s right. They really don’t… C-U-N-T!!!!

6. Cathedral – Midnight Mountain

This song really gets my party swagger going. Nothing better than hand claps over some slammin metal riffs. And of course Lee Dorian screaming “CAN YOU FEEL THE GROOVE??!!!” Sure can, Lee. OW YEAH!!!

5. Deicide – “Homage to Satan” / Miley Cyrus – “Party in the U.S.A” / Dimmu Borgir – “The Sacrilegious Scorn”

Lemme explain…. Open three windows of these videos from YouTube and arrange them on your desktop in the following order: Deicide on the left, Dimmu on the right, and Miley Cyrus sandwiched right smack in the middle. Smoke a fat joint, crank your speakers, hit play on all three at once, sit back and take it all in… It really speaks to you…

4. Raise Hell – “Dance With The Devil”

Over Christmas a few years back this song came on the stereo at a friend’s house. I was drunk as shit. When it gets to the part where the singer shouts “1-2-3-4!!!” and then kicks into the most slammin part ever I lost my shit, kicked over a chair and threw a roll of paper towels while falling over backwards. However in doing so I slammed into Matt Moore’s wife, knocking her glasses off her face without even realizing I even came in contact with her. She proceeded to beat me senseless.

3. Grave – “Worth The Wait”

This song brings out the worst in me. When I was 18 I crashed my car driving through a one-lane tunnel at 70 mph with some chick I was dating at the time riding in the passenger seat screaming for her life. I had to swerve out of the way of an oncoming car and fishtailed the back end of my car into the side of the tunnel. We pulled over and I asked HER to get out and check my car for me. She said I had a flat and a broken window. I burst into maniacal laughter and she starting screaming at me. Needless to say we broke up shortly thereafter. Man, I was such an asshole.

2. The Crown – “Total S.A.T.A.N.”

Yet another song I could easily see myself driving off a cliff to while smiling.

1. Motley Crüe – “Kickstart My Heart”

I don’t have a crazy story about this one but it’s gotta be my number one on this specific list. You can’t get much more “party” than this song. It is LITERALLY about partying until DEATH and having to be juiced/”kickstarted” back to life. I mean… C’mon now! Party on!!!!

– Ryan Moll / Rumpelstiltskin Grinder

Rumpelstiltskin Grinder

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