Now that Aborted have wrapped up their North American tour with Origin, Cattle Decapitation, Decrepit Birth, Rings of Saturn and Battlecross, we’ve chosen the winners of our Aborted Bloody Apron contest in which three lucky MetalSucks readers win a bloodied Aborted apron (duh), Aborted’s entire Century Media catalogue and an Aborted t-shirt. If you didn’t win, welp, better luck next time.

We asked you to tell us which Aborted song is your favorite and why. The winning entries are below:

Douche Baggins: I happen to own all of their albums and have listened to each one at least 10 to 20 times. I think what drew me initially, oddly enough, was the artwork displayed on their albums and the song titles and lyrics Sven incorporates. Being a medical professional, I find it fascinating learning new medical termonology such as Voracious Haemoglobinic Syndrome and Ophiolatry on a Hemocite Platter. The lyrics alone could cause some to cringe, but I find them interesting and absolutely brutal. The visuals they provide, sickening! With that being said I find it difficult to identify which song is best, but I do have to have an affinity for Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture which happened to be the first album I bought and listened to. This album also stands out because it sounds so much different than the others IMO. My favorite, being hard to choose, would have to be Underneath Rorulent Soil. If you actually read the lyrics they are rather graphic and tell a simple yet unpleasant story. Imagine submitting a corpse to the earth to be slowly digested by maggots and bacteria to be used as compost. For instance, “Liquefying remains inaugurate irrigation. Sinuous gralloch and dirt foment a concatenation. Steaming piles of intestine melt into the ground. No longer parched, as nutritional gore abounds.” I guess you can call this a tale of life, death and life again! There are, in fact, happy endings in death metal. The two guitar solos in this song (at :30 and 2:45) are fantastic as well and the overall atmosphere of the song is absolutely dark. Great song, great CD, great band. Overall, I’d have to say that Aborted is in my top 3 favorite bands and I’d treasure the prize pack. Thanks.

Chris: This is going to be difficult because I treasure every Aborted album I have and have listened to them daily on my workout playlist…. but I guess I’ll have to go to my roots. The first album by Aborted I ever listened to was “Goremaggedon: The Saw & The Carnage Done”. I remember the first song I listened to off of it was Parasitic Flesh Resection after a friend loaned me his CD. Put it on shuffle, and that was the first song I ever heard by them. And I immediately fell in love with the band, not just the brutality of the music itself, but the lyrics and picture they displayed as well. Less than I week after I listened to it I went to my local music stores (Plan 9 Music/Vinyl Conflict) and purchased every Aborted album I could find. Over the years since I listened to that one song and album, Aborted has become a HUGE influence on my playing. Hell, I spent most of my time learning guitar when I was practicing the tabs for their songs. And they still continue to be a major influence. I would greatly appreciate the prizes because of the simple reason that I’m a very loyal fan and I fucking love you guys! Keep it brutal, you guys never cease to impress me! Next time you come to Virginia you’ll see me in the crowd ;)

Samuel Blum: I was at a party, the demographic was mostly hippies/hipsters (whatever that means) who were really into types of music solely for them being ‘ironic.’  For instance, I walked in to the party, maybe thirty or so kids there, and they were all dancing to the new Britney Spears album.  When I asked a couple of them why, I heard comments of “She really came out of her shell!”  or “Her music has really matured!”

I didn’t understand it, I mean, listen to what you want who am I to judge, but there can be no possible way that a group of 25-30 year old people enjoy this music other than the fact that 25-30 year old people do not enjoy this music.  So they were listening to it for the sake of being unique and ironic.  In my opinion, this is the worst reason to enjoy music; simply because you think it makes people think you’re unique and intelligent.  You’re not, you’re a tool bag.

Later, I tried to compromise, pulling out my Ipod and playing This Will Destroy You or Dredg to try to find some middle ground.  My songs were responded with cries of “What a buzz kill song, man!”  or “We need something more upbeat, this is too emo.”  I sighed with regret at ever entering this party.

Long story short, I found the host of the party’s stash of Molly, took some, went outside for a smoke, came back and blasted ‘Hecatomb’ as loud as I possibly could.  I’ve never headbanged so hard to the drop at 38 seconds into the song.  My girlfriend and I were removed from the party.

KaBlam: Our Father, Who Art of Feces. I was out with my friend one time behind foodlion trying to find something to do when this guy wearing a “Repent Your Sins” shirt came up to us and started yelling about how we are going to hell for being troublemakers and listening to satanic music (I was in a cannibal corpse shirt and my friend in an Entombed Shirt). So we did the only thing we could think of…my friend grabbed a dog turd sitting in the grass and chucked it at the guys face. He didnt like that too much. Neither did the judge when we tried explaining it a few months later.

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