First: Congrats to CJ, the winner of our Whitechapel vaporizer contest! There were a lot of great entries, but ultimately, this is the one that made our mouths water for a little bit o’ the green stuff. We haven’t gotten a chance to try that here at the Mansion yet, CJ, but we’re looking forward to it!

“Alright, check this out, I love doing this: when you’re smokin, puff it hard, hold it, play ‘End of Flesh’ and scream along with that first part and I swear its one of the coolest things ever if you do it right. The smoke coming out makes you look all awesome and your vioce sounds all badass. Preferably with a group of friends. Then hotbox that bitch and do it again tomorrow.”

CJ wins an awesome Whitechapel vaporizer courtesy of  Metal Blade Records and Silver Surfer Vaporizers. He can, and we assume will, use it to blaze to Whitechapel’s killer new self-titled album, which is out now.

Which brings us to Second: The PRP has premiered the band’s new video, for the song “I, Dementia.” It’s a typically excellent clip from director David Brodsky, who, interestingly enough, emphasizes trippy, druggy visuals over the usual death metal gore stuff. Don’t worry, though, it’s still way intense. It’s just that it happens to go so perfectly with CJ’s new prize! Check out the clip after the jump!


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