...And F*ck You Too



PHIL LABONTE HEARTS AUTOMATIC MACHINE GUNSSeeing as MetalSucks is just a PC front for the Democratic National Committee, our readers shouldn’t be at all surprised that the editors of this website are not in favor of allowing any American civilian the right to purchase and own the same weapons the military uses to gun down hordes of innocent civilians in foreign wars. Our readers and metalnet experts alike also shouldn’t be surprised that All That Remains frontman Phil Labonte is against gun control… although you might be shocked to learn that, yes, Labonte thinks we all should be able to purchase weapons of any kind, including automatic machine guns like the one used in the Aurora, CO shooting. ‘Cause if all of us have machine guns we’ll all be safer! Read Labonte’s latest rant on the subject here.

When asked if we should all have the right to bear Auto-Tune, Labonte offered no comment.


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