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Wade Michael Page, the dipshit who killed six people and injured three others in a shooting inside a Wisconsin Sikh temple this past weekend, was the frontman for a white supremacist hardcore band called End Apathy. As a result, metal is currently in the media’s spotlight for the worst possible reasons — and CNN went ahead and found a way to make those worst possible reasons somehow even worse. In a recent piece on white power music, The Blabbermouth of News included Hatebreed in a list of white supremacist bands:

“At any given time, about 100 to 150 white power bands are in the United States. The bands’ own names defiantly express feelings of hate or violence: Aggravated Assault, Angry Aryans, Attack, Definite Hate, Final Solution, Force Fed Hate, Fueled by Hate, Hatebreed, Hate Crime, Jew Slaughter and White Terror, among others.”

While your first thought, no doubt, is, “Finally, there’s a Slaughter cover band I can hire for my daughter’s bat mitzvah!”, your second thought is probably something like, “That’s really fucked-up to include Hatebreed with those other fucktards.” And Hatebreed agrees, and tweeted as much:

CNN has since become aware of the error, removed Hatebreed’s name from the piece, and stuck the world’s lamest apology onto the bottom of the article:

Even the tone of this correction feels kinda dickish to me, though. I mean, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, since “CNN” stands for “Cunts, Nitwits, and Numbskulls,” but still, like, c’mon, dudes, make some effort not to sound like you have a stick up your ass, y’know?

In other news, I just did some research on this Jew Slaughter band, and, yes, they are the most credible, highly professional group imaginable:

No, I did not Photoshop that. Even my ‘shops aren’t that shitty.


A previous version of this commentary incorrectly stated that “CNN” stands for “Cunts, Nitwits, and Numbskulls.” CNN is a self-described “cable news network.” MetalSucks regrets the error.

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