Saturday Song to Get Stoned To


  • Kip Wingerschmidt

The autumnal equinox may be another week away, but Summer is fuckin dunzo, amirite?

Hey Vern — let’s Fall!

SATURDAY TO BATTLE THE FALL PATH TOThis fine Saturday here in the Wingerschmidt Wing we are listening to a rather diverse band from good ol’ Nashville called Battle Path.  They mix elements of black metal, doom, sludge, and more to create moody songs that are deceptively complex in arrangement yet thankfully keep the parts starkly raw.  The subtle atmospheric samples fit in well, the heavy riffs rip, and the eerie melodies will ominously stick in your brain.  Sounds like a pale, dry Winter is coming!

Check out their entire recent release Empiric on Bandcamp.

Now battle and fall down the path known as the jump for some more killer tunes to prematurely ejaculate welcome you to Autumn…

Thanks to Metal Mykee & Jocephus for the suggestions!


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