Yesterday, Gwar unveiled new guitarist Pustulus Maximus, and promised that fans would get to see him make his debut with the band in a performance video that The A.V. Club would release today; now that video, of the band covering Kansas’ “Wayward Son” (for reals), is available for your viewing pleasure.

It should go without saying that the results are deliriously entertaining. Pustulus acquits himself admirably, which is also unsurprising, ’cause, y’know, it’s Gwar, they’ve been doing this long enough that finding a good guitarist who wants to be in the band shouldn’t really be an issue.

But the undeniable highlight of the performance comes during the second and final choruses, when Oderus Urungus makes up his own lyrics and, at one points, scats. And by “scats,” I mean the form of jazz singing, not throwing his poop around, which would be less unusual for Oderus. Watch:

Gwar and new guitarist Pustulus Maximus begin a tour with DevilDriver, Cancer Bats, and Legacy of Disorder in just ten days! Get dates here.


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