Enslaved Show Their Inner Led Zeppelin Love On Norwegian TV


Hearing any black metal band, let alone one of the genre’s most legendary, cover Led Zeppelin might seem like a strange concept. But don’t forget that guitarist Arve Isdal (Ice Dale) is in Audrey Horne, a band that proudly wears its classic rock influences on its collective sleeve. And I mean, come on, they grew up on the stuff just like all of us.

Enslaved started covering Led Zep’s “Immigrant Song” over a year ago but they decided to whip it out again last week on a Norwegian television show, and this is the best footage to hit the web yet. The cover is distinctly Enslaved’s style, but preserves plenty of Led Zep’s original arrangement, too; it’s the perfect balance. Stick with it until the end; Isdal absolutely TEARS through an improvised guitar solo to close out the tune.

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