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Blood Command: What U Think?

  • Anso DF

Blood Command: What U Think?

At a glance, Blood Command probably doesn’t grab the attention of metal lovers. Sure, that band name hints at brutalness, but one look at the Norway pop-noisecore band reveals a quintet of srs-/art-fgz (that’s cool whatever), and one listen conjures a Kvelertak retooled for the girlfriend demo. But wait! — that’s kinda just on paper. In reality, where only good jamz matter, Blood Command is fucking awesome!

Moreover, their type of fucking awesome shit is needed right now: Their forebears At The Drive-In and Refused have been flogging their dead horses of late, but BC’s equine team is lean and fresh-legged and can corner at top speed; plus, their new record Funeral Beach (here) is a healing balm for those of us lamenting the sudden crapification and demise of Pretty Girls Make Graves (though we could live without their shared penchant for clever song titles, barf). Anyway, the point is that BC has the eye-popping punch of the former and ace songcraft of the latter, familiar but not tired, joyously addictive, and — gulp — on pace to sweatlessly surpass their godfathers. Okay enough talk. Check out this jam and two more below while u read a bunch more rave reviews. U jam?

Get Funeral Beach by Blood Command here and here. Tourdates here!

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