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Earthship - Iron Chest

That both our own Dave Mustein and I have a giant boner for Berlin sludge trio Earthship should be enough to get you to check ’em out, but for extra peanut gallery effect let’s turn to your fellow MetalSucks readers’ comments from our most recent post about the band:

  • whogivesafuck: “I listened to this for about 30 seconds and went straight to Itunes and Purchased.. I am now listening to the riff of the first tune and it rips.. description was right on.. thanks ..”
  • Rob Schweitzer: “Reminds me of older The Ocean more than Baroness, but it has it’s Baroness moments as well. Not a bad thing one bit!”
  • Matt Braddick: “Am I the only one who hears a pretty steady influence of Kyuss in this band? Thanks Vince for clueing me into this band, I’ve been listening all day at work.”
  • Getgaynow: “I’m getting tired of all these sludge hipster bands, their a dime a dozen.”

OK, scratch that last one maybe. But take it from your fellow readers: this band is awesome. Stream their new album Iron Chest right here; it’s out now via Pelagic Records. Order the album on CD here or download it via Amazon.

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