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Who is Phil Anselmo’s Favorite Jew?


In a new interview with Fuse, Phil Anselmo reveals a lot of interesting info, such as the best and worst jobs he ever held before Pantera struck it big and how a favorite pet died the day Pantera began a tour with Metallica. But, far and away, the most important piece of information Anselmo shares during the course of the interview is the identity of his favorite Jew. You might think it was me or Vince or, okay, granted, Kirk Windstein, but nnnnnnooooooo, he had to go and pick some other dude!

In all fairness, I guess (sigh), Anselmo is 100% correct — Rod Serling was a genius writer. So I guess if your faithful MetalSucks editors weren’t gonna get the prize, I’m fine losing to Serling. I hear Windstein is pretty sore about the whole thing, though. Not so much the Jew part, but his favorite Twilight Zone writer was actually Richard Matheson, so, yeah.

[via Metal Injection]

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