Machine Head’s Robb Flynn Releases Video Diary Documenting Hernia Surgery


Earlier this week, Machine Head had to cancel all shows in their immediate future because guitarist/vocalist Robb Flynn required immediate surgery for an immediate surgery for an inguinal hernia, which Flynn described as “my guts drop into my nuts.” Now he’s released a video diary which documents the time leading up to and following the surgery, which you can watch below.

Obviously, I’m relieved that Flynn is okay, and I tip my hat to him for making this thing… although no one would have blamed him if he’d just released a statement. I mean, I’ve had hernia surgery, and when I woke up, my most pressing and immediate thought was, “Holy shit, someone get me some painkillers immediately” — and Flynn does complain of sore nuts. And yet, he allowed someone to film him for a not-insubstantial amount of time, and remains good natured throughout. Sheesh. Someone get this dude a spot on The Guy’s Guy Tour!

[via Metal Insider]

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