Loathe’s Video for “Bucketlove” is the Most Fun You’ll Have All Day


I’ve never heard of the Maltese band Loathe until now, but their new video for “Bucketlove” is so much fucking fun!

What starts as a song with simple riffs and the good old “shoot at half-speed, then play at double-speed” trick gets more complex and fun in both regards as the video progresses. By the time the video’s over, these dudes are slinging the siqq riffs nonstop and having an absolute blast in the process with beer, muppets, puppies and even their own children. Editors Stevan Pecorella & Cedric Vella deserve a pat on the back; really creative job with regards to the timing of certain cuts. Vella also directed the clip, so two pats on the back for him. Well done all around!

Download the song for free here and follow ’em on Facebook.

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