Saturday Song to Get Stoned To

Saturday To Eat Your Livver To

  • Kip Wingerschmidt

Saturday To Eat Your Livver To

Boston’s Livver (ex Defcon 4 and Coleman), the latest project from East Coast punk/hardcore booking/promoting mainstay Robin Goodhue, has been tickling my fancy all year and I’m super psyched to share the sound with all of y’all.  Livver skates that fine line between sludge and hardcore while retaining diy punk rock asthetics, well exemplified and then some on their first real full-length album, classily entitled Fuck You Pay Me, which is now available for a mere five beans on the band’s Bandcamp page.

Saturday To Eat Your Livver ToDrummer Morgan Berns, who was born the same year as me but ironically shares my dad’s birthday, plays the largest bass drum I’ve ever seen and knows how to use it.  Vocalist Bruce Bettis has one of those throaty yet resonant hardcore screams that commands attention, and the subtle vocal layering at times on the new recordings goes a long way to creating a unique vibe.  Bassist Aarne Victorine, in addition to possessing a wonderfully regal name, captures a thick, gritty tone that simultaneously cuts through and holds down the bottom.  And Goodhue finds heaviness and hooks in cleverly simple yet strong guitar riffage and nimble lickery that makes each song sound like its own story.

Check chiggity check it:

Livver – Black Winds

And be sure to visit their Bandcamp page for plenty more jamz, as well as their Facebook page for social network-y kind of stuffs…  If you’re in the New England area, you can see these fuckers live on January 23rd at Dusk in Providence with Hivesmasher and Lunglust or at Livver’s Record Release Show on February 21st at O’Brien’s in Boston with Vattnet Viskar, The Under and Great American Ghost.

If that ain’t enough liver for you on a sexy Saturday afternoon, here are a couple more powerhouse gems to rock out to…

Happy weekend!  Be sure to take care of those livers…

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