The Webernets A New Online Marketplace For Buying and Selling Instruments


Sell This Guitar

Hey, guitar nuts of the world: never before has it been this easy to buy and sell your instruments.

Craigslist, Ebay, Guitar Center; who needs ’em?, a brand new website, makes the often frustrating process of finding that rare guitar you’re looking for stupid simple by stripping away all the clutter. Just zoom into your area on the integrated Google Maps embed, click a guitar to read the description, and email the seller to start working out a deal. You can also search all listings by typing what you’re looking for into the search field and specifying a radius. Looking to sell your old axe? Just enter in the brand, year, condition, a short description, your asking price and your email address — right on the front page — and your guitar will be listed publicly in seconds.

As far as I’m aware there’s never been a guitar-centric online marketplace for individual buyers and sellers that’s this easy to use. Check it out right here. MetalSucks readers: sorry, but there aren’t any seven or eight-string axes posted… yet.

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