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Today in Intronaut: Sacha Fills in for a Flu-Stricken Jens Kidman and Intronaut Perform Some New Songs

(Dunable Photo Credit: Kat Devries’ Flickr)

Well, this sucks: Jens Kidman has the flu, and it’s so bad that he was forced to sit out the band’s show last night in Atlanta. But the band played anyway! I know what you’re thinking: Meshuggah’s vocalist is the least important member of the band. But I disagree; Kidman’s vocals provide an important aural focal point amongst all the circular, polyrhythmic madness, and, of course, the patented eye-roll HEAD-BOB is an important part of the band’s visual presentation.

The audience in Atlanta didn’t seem too bummed out, though. MS reader Cliff S. tells us the band made light of the situation by wheeling out a cardboard cut-out of Jens and running a pre-recorded vocal track throughout the set. And Intronaut guitarist/vocalist/MetalSucks columnist Sacha Dunable probably shit his pants with anticipation in the minutes before he went out on stage with Meshuggah to front the band for “New Millennium Cyanide Christ.” This being the Internet, there’s already fan-filmed video of the incident:

Meanwhile, Sacha’s other band has been playing a bunch of new songs from their forthcoming album Habitual Levitations. Intronaut scheduled a couple of headline shows on Meshuggah off-dates in Houston, TX and Pensacola, FL, and they used the opportunity to stretch out a bit and try some new songs live. This being the Internet, there’s fan-filmed video of these songs too:

Habitual Levitations comes out on March 19th.

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