Today in Slayer: A “Raining Blood” Wedding Intro and an “Angel of Death” Bluegrass Cover


Before you get all “Big whoop, some schmuck and his wife chose a Slayer song as their wedding intro song… seen that, done it,” consider this: the man in question, Daniel Phillips, works at global investment mega-bank, sub-prime mortgage crisis profiteers and Hurricane Sandy energy center Goldman Sachs. At least all that money Goldman made from your ballooning mortgage payments over the past five years went towards a good cause. Think Lloyd Blankfein was in attendance at the Phillips wedding? Doubt it, but I hear he does a mean Hora.

If that’s not your steez, try this on for size: it’s a cover of a section of “Angel of Death” played by a five-piece bluegrass band called The Creak. Excellent execution, but I wish they’d tackled the whole song:


And that’s all we’ve got for now. Carry on.

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