Death Metal Cinemetal Round-Up: New Videos from Aborted, Incantation and Zombified



I’m gonna put about as much effort into this intro as Oscar Pistorius did into being a classy gentleman.

Aborted’s new video for “Expurgation Euphoria,” which comes at us via Decibel, is a quick clip that follows the twisted relationship between a sickly, bedridden patient and foxy nurse. This being Aborted, the video is appropriately gory and as such gets two thumbs up from this guy. Also: this song fucking rips. I didn’t pay much attention to Global Flatline when it came out last year (for no specific reason… it just slipped under my radar), but hot damn, that’s some gnarly shit right there. Stream it in full right here on Spotify.

Decibel also brings us Incantation’s new video for “Invoked Infinity,” the band’s first in ten years. No disrespect meant to these guys — Incantation are death metal kings amongst men to be sure, and also, NEW YORK represent — but this clip is boring… unless you really enjoy static shots of the band members playing their instruments. There’s also some storyline involving some Grim Reaper-looking dudes, a sword, and a goat’s head, but it’s lost on me.

Zombified’s new video for “Pull the Trigger” doesn’t fare much better than Incantation’s, but at least the director had the forethought to introduce some camera movement to the equation, spicing things up a bit. This song is my introduction to Zombified, and I like what I’m hearing; I would totally lump these guys in with the Entombedcore movement currently sweeping the States (Nails, Trap Them, The Secret, etc) except that they’re not from the States and they seemingly forgot about the “-core” part of that. Dudes just love Entombed, a lot. Carnage Slaughter and Death is out now on Metal Blade and can be ordered here.

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