Master Thespian Billy Corgan and His Pro Wrestling League Shill for Overpriced Furniture


Did you know that Billy Corgan owns a professional wrestling league? It’s true! It’s called Resistance Pro. I haven’t followed wrestling in many years now, so I’m not familiar with any of the talent in the league… although, after looking through their roster, I’ve come to the conclusion that their coolest wrestlers are this lady, who chose to dress like a secretary and hold a dog for her headshot…

…and this lady, who bears an eerie resemblance to Tony Foresta from Municipal Waste:

But I’m already on a digression. So here’s what this article is actually about:

Corgan and members of the Resistance Pro team are now appearing in a commercial for Walter E. Smithe furniture, which is weird for a number of reasons:

  1. Billy Corgan acting?
  2. Billy Corgan acting in a television commercial?
  3. Billy Corgan acting in a local (in others, non-national) television commercial?
  4. A rather expensive and upscale furniture store decided to hire a rock star and a bunch of pro wrestlers to hock their shit? Are the professional wrestling fans of Chicago especially wealthy or something? I dunno mean to make this into a class thing, but the last time I went to a pro wrestling match, no one in the immediate vicinity was going to purchase a $500 chair or $1,700 couch any time soon.

In any case, this is hilarious. Enjoy!

[via Badass Digest]

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