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March is Metal Month: Free Metal Celebrity Playlists Courtesy of MetalSucks and Spotify


March is Metal Month

March is Metal Month! For the fifth year in a row, MetalSucks is teaming up with a variety of other outlets to offer great deals on metal albums, songs and merch throughout the entire month of March. Starting right now.

Each week in March MetalSucks will be featuring a Spotify playlist put together by a celebrity metal musician in one of four categories: death metal, black metal, thrash and doom; you’ll just have to wait and see who those musicians are. You won’t have to pay a darned thing to listen to them, but you will need to have a Spotify account. Spotify is available to all for free — if you pay a measly $4.99 monthly fee you won’t have to listen to any advertisements, and a $9.99 “premium” subscription also increases audio quality and allows mobile access, well worth it if you ask us — but paying is not necessary for a base subscription. Sign up for Spotify now if for some reason you haven’t yet.

To kick things off, Axl and Vince have compiled a playlist of their very own featuring a variety of different kinds of metal both new and old. Just click “Play” below and enjoy. Stay tuned for the metal celebrity playlists, coming soon.

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