Jeff Walker from Carcass: “Colin Richardson Quit to Mix the New Trivium Album”


The new, current-members-of-Arch-Enemy-free line-up of Carcass made their live debut in London last night. In addition to the irreplaceable Jeff Walker and Bill Steer, the band now features drummer Dan Wilding from Trigger the Bloodshed and a guitarist named Ben Ash from a band called Liquified Skeleton. You can watch video below… with all due respect to Michael Amott and Daniel Erlandsson (and Ken Owen, for that matter), they sound pretty friggin’ good to me. Check it out:

So the new version of Carcass is in good shape, which is not really surprising because it’s Carcass, not Winds of Plague — Walker and Steer weren’t gonna hire some dudes who can’t handle their shit, y’know?

So it’s this last video from the show that I suspect will be the real conversation starter here. Steer addressed the fact that producer Colin Richardson recently quit working on the band’s new album, Surgical Steel, two weeks into the mixing process, and his words for Richardson were less-than-kind:

“I was doing an interview with some Colombian radio station, and I was being very diplomatic [with regards to Richardson’s decision to quit], and I said he quit because he was burnt out. You know why he [really] quit? To mix the new Trivium album.”

That accusation is obviously going to displease a lot of Carcass fans who probably already hated Trivium and will now blame that band for the loss of Richardson… which isn’t really fair, ’cause I very much doubt that Matt Heafy or any other member of Trivium picked up the phone and was like, “Yo, Colin, bubby, fuck Carcass, come mix a real album!” A successful guy like Richardson very much calls his own shots.

What I find to be a real bummer about this whole situation, then, is that it probably means that Carcass will never work with Richardson again… and Richardson has been their producer since 1989’s Symphonies of Sickness. Of course, there’s no guarantee that Carcass will even make another album after Surgical Steel, but if they do, Walker’s public shaming of Richardson pretty much ensures that someone else will be manning the boards. As a sentimental appreciator of tradition, that makes me sad.

But then I watch this and I feel happy again:

So silver linings and all that.

Surgical Steel, which is now being mixed by Andy Sneap in Richardson’s stead, should be out later this year.




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