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Past and Present Members of Guns N’ Roses, Dokken, ‘N Sync and The Village People Team Up to Endorse Miracle Whip

  • Axl Rosenberg

This is actually kinda brilliant. (From a marketing perspective. I’m not endorsing it as a piece of art, obviously.) Miracle Whip has created an ad with a bunch of musicians who used to be famous — including Don Dokken, ex-Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke, Lance Bass from ‘N Sync, members of The Village People, Susan Boyle, and Tiffany, to name but a few — to record a “We Are the World” parody called “Open Your Mouth.” So, basically, everyone born before 1990 is going to wanna watch this to see all the stars of yesteryear, and people born after 1990 will get a kick out of making fun of the title “Open Your Mouth,” and one way or the other, people of all ages will remember the Miracle Whip brand.

Like I said. Brilliant.

Bonus: David Draiman does not appear anywhere in this commercial.

[via Bring Back Glam!]

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