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Ghost Wanna Show You Their “Monstrance Clocks”


Ghost - Infestissumam

Ghost were “forced” to push back the release date of their new album Infestissumam by one week because they allegedly had a tough time finding a CD manufacturer to print a controversial part of the album’s artwork. Whether you believe that to be a publicity stunt or not (I’m like 60/40 in favor of “yes” right now), one thing is certain: no new Ghost 4 u this week. You’ll hafta wait until April 16th to hear the full album just like the rest of us.

But the band has released a new song entitled “Monstrance Clocks” to tide us all over for now, only the third track we’ve heard so far from Infestissumam. The track is a bit more on the laid back side, but it’s got that unmistakeable ’70s occult rock vibe to it that we’ve come to expect from Ghost and it might just be the most catchy yet of the three songs they’ve released to date. Stream it at Rolling Stone.

For those wondering what a monstrance clock is (I seriously thought Ghost were making up a word), here’s a description from the most accurate resource on Earth:

The Monstrance clock, or mirror clock, developed during the Renaissance. The monstrance was a cross-shaped gold or silver vessel which played an important part in church ritual and often incorporated sacred figures as part of the design. The clock made use of a rotating ball at the top or in the base to indicate the time of day. Monstrance clocks and crucifix clocks remained fashionable until the eighteenth century.

So, it’s like, religious and stuff. Go figure.

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