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The Devil’s Blood: New Jam! New Record Release Date! New Bonerz!

  • Anso DF

Over your many years as a super cool and knowledgeable fan of metal, how many times has this happened to u: Due to break-up, legalities, death, and/or fickleness, an artist is forced to set aside some sure-to-be-awesome project that u are dying to hear. If only, u think while grinding your teeth, I could just have a peek at those shelved demos, historic live tracks, and other missing links — and maybe kinda record them in secret just for me … sigh If only!

Well, that happens. So upon the break-up of The Devil’s Blood, I was gearing up for a long campaign of begging TDB frontman Selim Lemouchi to allow me peeksies into his vault of unreleased stuff whose release was pre-empted by the band’s unexpected demise. But cuz Lemouchi is uncompromising and borderline humorless (tho he and I did snuggle a bit in an interview last year), it seemed likely that I’d require housebreaking, hacking, or other extra-legal means to get what I want: more jamz by what might’ve been the next Maiden-/Zeppelin-/Tool-sized phenomenon in heavy music.

But none of that is necessary: Metal Blade will release TDB’s unfinished third album III: Tabula Rasa, or Death And The Seven Pillars in its demo form (and a bunch more awesome stuff). So just put down that crowbar/BackTrack/chloroform and jam the first jam from III:TRo,D&T7P right now (above)! Cover art below!

The Devil's Blood III

The Devil’s Blood’s posthumous third album III: Tabula Rasa, or Death And The Seven Pillars is out June 11 on Metal Blade. Pre-order here!

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