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Video from Tim Lambesis’ Arraignment; More Details of Prosecution’s Alleged Case Revealed

  • Axl Rosenberg
photo by Bill Wechter
photo by Bill Wechter

Earlier today, As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis was arraigned and pled not guilty to one count of solicitation for murder. Now video from the arraingment has been released by an NBC affiliate in San Diego. You can watch the video below; in it, prosecutor Claudia Grasso alleges all of the following:

  • Lambesis e-mailed his wife, Meggan, in August to say he didn’t love her anymore and didn’t believe in God anymore. Shortly thereafter, she learned that Lambesis had had multiple affairs and filed for divorce.
  • Lambesis twice approached other members of his gym and asked if they knew anyone who could have Meggan killed.
  • Once authorities became aware of Lambesis’ plans, they set up a sting operation. On May 7 he met with an undercover detective posing as a hitman named “Red.”
  • Lambesis believed “that it’s better for his children to have one healthy relationship with one parent rather than two unhealthy ones.”
  • Lambesis “approached Red, and said that he wanted his wife gone. When asked, he said I don’t want to see her ever again. When specifically asked, do you want her dead, he said, yes that’s exactly what I want.” Grasso claims the prosecution have an audio recording of this exchange.
  • Lambesis gave Red an envelope containing a thousand dollars cash, photographs of Meggan, Meggan’s address, Meggan’s security gate codes and instructions on how to enter her home, and specific dates when he would have the children in his custody, allowing Meggan to be murdered.

Lambesis is currently being held on $3 million bail. If he does make bail, he will be required to surrender his passport and wear a GPS monitor, and will be allowed only to leave San Diego in order to meet with his lawyer in Los Angeles.

Here’s the video:

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