Announcing The MetalSucks Podcast, Hosted by Chuck and Godless!


MetalSucks Podcast

AT LAST! After literally years of talking about it, we’ll finally launch The MetalSucks Podcast this coming Monday, May 20!!! We listened to dozens of auditions, and while some of them were quite good, when we heard the right hosts for the first time, we knew it right away. Chuck and Godless  — who you’ll come to know quite well in the coming weeks, months, and years (assuming they don’t totally blow it and find themselves on the wrong side of a MetalSucks Mansion Monkey’s bazooka) — come to the table with lots of experience: Chuck has been the Metal Director/Radio Guy for the show NO CONTROL Radio in Austin for over eight years, has been running an HD2 channel that is 24/7 metal for almost two years now, and he and Godless have been hosting a weekly hour-long metal talk show, Visions from the Darkside, for the past year. These dudes are the perfect mix of opinionated, sarcastic, and flat-out obnoxious. In other words: they’re gonna fit in perfectly around here.

The latest additions to the MS team had the following to say about their new gig:

“We are proud to take on The MetalSucks Podcast. It has been a dream of mine since I was a little baby boy to talk smack about people who could care less about my opinion, to people who hate everything I say. Now that dream has become a reality, and I couldn’t be more excited to bring you our nihilistic world view of metal, and poop. We do talk about poop a lot. MetalSucks readers will finally get what they deserve, a couple of middle-aged metal dudes with opinions about stuff they are too old to understand. Did I just tweet?” – Chuck

“While I was originally offended we were asked to audition, I have to admit that listening to the other try-out shows was hugely entertaining. It was kind of like being the sane one in an asylum filled with mental defectives, loners, ugly nurses, and self-immolating freaks. Now those inmates can listen to a real show and jerk off to what they think I look like, which is for the best. I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating — our show is not only the best extreme metal talk show in the history of metal, and the history of talk — it’s lately become the greatest talk show of any genre ever and we won’t stop until our conversation has risen to the greatest in recorded or unrecorded history. MetalSucks readers can now expect and demand the best extreme talk possible, and we’re the only assholes on earth who can deliver. So ok. We’ll do it.” – Godless

Awwwww. Doncha just hate these fuckheads already?

So hold onto yer butts — The MetalSucks Podcast officially arrives to rape your earholes next week! Get stoked!!!!

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