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Exclusive Track Premiere: Valient Thorr’s “Torn Apart”


Valient Thorr - Our Own Masters

So how’s your dayin goin’, brahs? Bummed to be back at work after an epic three-day-weekend of partying? Still nursing that hangover and craving a lil’ hair of the dog that bitcha? Keep forgetting that it’s actually Tuesday and fucking up your whole schedule?

Believe it or not, this is a common disease, classified by medical professionals as “PTDWS” (post-three-day-weekend syndrome). Sadly, to date, there is only one known treatment for this most horrid of afflictions: TO ROCK OUT WITH YOUR COCK OUT!

Enter Valient Thorr, a band whose rock is so hard it can cut glass. Perpetual VT fanboys that we are, MetalSucks jumped at the chance to premiere “Torn Apart,” a sweet new track from the band’s forthcoming new offering, Our Own Masters. This is a song so overloaded with fun — it’s 25% rock, 25% beer, 25% weed, and 25% sex, all distilled into audio form — that it’s absolutely guaranteed to make you forget that you’re back in the office and not at the grill. It’s recommended by four outta five doctors as THE cure for PTDWS, and between you and me, the fifth doctor got his degree in Tijuana and isn’t so reliable.

So turn your speakers up to eleven and stream “Torn Apart” below! Our Own Masters comes out June 18 via Volcom Entertainment, and can be pre-ordered here. The band starts a tour with Gypsyhawk and Ramming Speed on June 12; get dates here.

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