Not Quite Metal?

Listen to Wye Oak’s Awesome Non-Metal Cover of Danzig’s “Mother”


I had never heard of Wye Oak before today, but we all really like skee ball, so I guess we can be friends.

Wye Oak

Something else both the members of Wye Oak and myself enjoy: Danzig. The Baltimore duo covered the motherfucking brick mover’s classic “Mother” in 2011 (it’s only just been brought to our attention now, duh) as part of that A.V. Club thing when artists cover other artists from different genres (y’know, the same one that gave the world Gwar’s version of Kansas’ “Wayward Son”). And I think they do a swell job with it. Tuba aside, it sounds pretty much the way I imagine a Royal Thunder cover of the same song might sound. Check it out:

So, what do you think? Do you like it, too, or am I seriously going soft in my old age?

Thanks: Todd

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