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New Chimaira Album Teaser Is the Nail in Doubt’s Coffin

  • Axl Rosenberg

Chimaira - Crown of Phantoms Partial Cover

I’m still trying to reconcile in my mind the idea of a Chimaira that doesn’t have Rob Arnold — but it seems pretty clear that now Mark Hunter’s revamped version of the band isn’t going to let fans down with their recording debut, Crown of Phantoms. If the first single, “All That’s Left is Blood,” didn’t fully sell you on Phantoms, then surely, this new video featuring samples from the whole album will. The riffs sound killer, Emil Werstler is shredding all over the place, and there’s a passing reference to my favorite L.A. Guns album.* Also I still have no idea what “crown of phantoms” means, but the cover art is pretty sweet. Check it out:

In case the video somehow didn’t tip you off, Crown of Phantoms comes out July 30 on eOne.

*Obviously this wasn’t deliberate.

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