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Babymetal: Now with Breakdowns


Babymetal are back! The br00tal Japanese teenage girls that brought you such hits as this, this and this have returned with a new video for the song “Megitsune.” And this time they’ve brought DEATHCORE BREAKDOWNS!

And here-in lies the problem with using breakdowns as a crutch: if I’m a member of Motionless in White or Chelsea Grin or Attila or any stupid breakdown-core band, I’ve just been emasculated by a bunch of teenage Japanese girl pop stars. Ain’t nothing special about chug-a-chug. And Babymetal’s songs are infinitely more catchy and better than any of the aforementioned.

What I love about this video is the four girls in the background dressed in white — holding some kind of instrument they are clearly not even playing — whose sole purpose seems to be to headbang and do crab crouches during the breakdown part.

But boy, those Babymetal girls sure are adorable! Throw up your fox signs!!!

I wanna visit Japan so badly.

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