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Drummer Moe Carlson Leaves Protest the Hero; Lamb of God’s Chris Adler Will Fill-In for New Album

  • Axl Rosenberg

Protest the Hero Chris Adler

Bittersweet news: Protest the Hero drummer Moe Carlson has decided to leave PTH so he can go back to school, making him just the latest in a long line of foolish musicians to trade rocking for a good education and a chance at a steady paycheck which can provide a normal life. FOOL!

The silver lining, though, is that as a consequence, Lamb of God’s Chris Adler will be laying down drums for the new PTH album, according to Aux.tv:

“He’s a big name, but we have a pretty serious connection to Lamb of God,” said Walker, mentioning that they share a manager. Carlson elaborates, saying he’s known Adler for a long time.

“He’s the one who helped me get my endorsements. I went in when he was tracking drums and hung out for the afternoon and heard some of the stuff. It sounds great,” he said. “He’s definitely been an influence on my playing style, so I think it’ll be a pretty natural fit for the record.”

As for those sounds, Walker explains how Adler’s influence could make this the heaviest Protest the Hero record yet.

“He’s coming from such a different spot than us. We come to heavy metal through punk rock. It must have been strange for him playing some punk beats, and some of the punk beats he plays in a heavy metal way,” says Walker on a quick break from his ten-hour day tracking vocals in the studio. “This may come out being one of our more heavy sounding records, or more metal sounding record.”

Adler’s parts have already been recorded. The new Protest the Hero album should be out in the fall, although there’s no word yet on who will be manning the drum kit full-time in the future.

Still, as far as substitue drummers go… I mean, Chris fuckin’ Adler, amiriteoramirite?

Thanks to the anonymous reader who sent this in.

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