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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: June 18, 2013

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brutus behind the mountains

Don’t for a damn second think that because last week was chock-full of epic releases that this week is gonna be a downer. Cause it isn’t. This week’s Shit That Comes Out Today is as delicious as ever, and we’re hailing in some new talent alongside some old dogs to give you a day’s worth of sweaty earhole penetration!


Kalmah - Seventh SwamphonyKalmah
Seventh Swamphony (Spinefarm)
On a playlist with: Norther, Insomnium, Eternal Tears of Sorrow
Listen Seventh Swamphony full stream (here)
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Wow, back in the day, Kalmah’s Swamplord (2000) and Swampsong (2003) were my jams — they (and Children Of Bodom) were my first melodic metal. But Kalmah always tickled my junk with their swampyness. Yeah! And even though The Black Waltz (2006) was a great album, it lacked some of the murky, sick, ickiness that turned me on in the first place. Well, Seventh Swamphony doesn’t fully bring back the goo, but it is solid. You know what I just thought — Seventh Swamphony is great driving music. I love the twisting undulations of tremolo riffs backgrounded by upbeat synth. If only I could be pummeling down a Finnish highway on my giant moose with this shit blaring!


Brutus band¤ Brutus
Behind The Mountains (Svart)
On a playlist with: Asteroid, Horisont, Kadavar
Listen “Personal Riot” (here)

Bands like Brutus are the reasons why I go out to live music bars. Behind The Mountains is decisively simple, gritty yet polished bar rock. It’s the kind of shit that makes you order four more beers, that pushes you to the front of the crowd to pay your horned homage to the temporary gods of the night. Mountains is one of those “in the moment” albums, halfway between the feels of a jam/live performance and a full production, so it is great for solo listening or for a kickass house party complete with naked chicks and horse masks. Uh, plus thealbum artwork (top) is the sickest thing I’ve seen all week.


Pitch Black Process Hand Of GodPitch Black Process
Hand Of God? (Sliptrick)
On a playlist with: All That Remains, Misery Signals, Black Tooth
“To The Villain” (here)

Check it out! Metalcore from Turkey! Recorded in Sweden! And it’s fucking good. Hand Of God? has this really concentrated feel to it — it has a slower tempo that you’d expect, but that only helps the delicious guitar solos and clean-sung interludes. And the diabolical killers of metalcore — i.e. shit drumming and terrible singing — are absent here, thank jeebus. Even the lyrics for “To The Villain” are rock solid. I’m having a hard time finding anything to dislike about Pitch Black Process and HOG?. Um, maybe it’s just a bit generic? But then again, if you’re a -core purist, then Hand Of God? will stand strong with your other favorites.


heart attack stop pretendingHeart Attack
Stop Pretending (Apathia)
On a playlist with: The Haunted, Watch Them Die, Hatesphere
Listen Stop Pretending full stream (here)

Stop Pretending could cut glass as well as a hard nipple on a cold Christmas morning. Click on the linky above and jam the fourth track “Lazarus,” and then please tell me the last quarter of the song isn’t fucking wicked. The whole album is packed with solid one-off riffs that take control of the entire experience. I like that in a straight-up metal band — riff after riff after riff which all feel like they were hammered out over hours and hours of drunken band practice. And Stop Pretending doesn’t have one bad song. Also take a close listen to the eighth track “Wasted Generation” — that’s what triplets can do for a song. Fuck, it even has that hard kind of syncopation that makes us love Fear Factory!


Verge (Inverse)
On a playlist with: Delirion, Crystallion, Nightscape
Listen “Heaven’s Calling” (here)

If you like supremely crunchy guitar tones and super-high clean vocals, then Cardiant’s Verge is today’s release just for you! I am especially digging the gentle noodle riffage behind the female vocals. It’s kind of relaxing, you know? Especially when you’re tired of being screamed at all day by other bands. Oh my, and then there’s some piano work! Verge is as wet as a whale carcass, but not nearly as heavy — it floats around in the clouds like it just took its first one-hitter. I kind of enjoy that gentle innocence, it makes the album feel real and new and fresh! So fresh, actually, you could deodorize your ass-stanky armpits with it!


Carrier Flux tallCarrier Flux

Objection (Code 666)
On a playlist with: Deathspell Omega, Kvist, ??? (discuss in the comments below!)
Listen “Midas Earth” (here)

If you listen to just three minutes of new shit today, check out “Midas Earth” (above). You hear its intro and know immediately that it will stick in your head forever. (I’ve listened to that fucker like 47 times already.) The way it drips into the first verse is just inspired. Despite being as fucking dark and haunted as hell’s cellar, there’s this strange upbeat feel to ObjectionIt kind of lifts you off your feet even though it’s forcefully jamming your brain full of tremolo notes and blackened vocals. And is it just me, or do you love when an album has a slight hint of amateurism in the production quality? I’m getting so tired of everything being so fit and polished — I like things to sound organic and earthy and raw through my shitty desktop speakers. Objection is my #1 jam this week!



Angels Of Babylon Thundergod (Scarlet) listen
Autolatry Native listen
Better Left Unsaid Better Left Unsaid (Epochal) listen
Bukowski Family Unpleasantries Abundant EP (Artificial God) listen
Candlemass Epicus Doomicus Metallicus: Live at Roadburn 2011 (Svart) listen
» Crown Psychurgy (Candlelight) listen
The Custodian Necessary Wasted Time» The Custodian Necessary Wasted Time (The Lasers Edge) listen listen
Dagoba Post Mortem Nihil Est (eOne) listen read
Dark Moor Ars Musica (Scarlet) listen
» Deveykus Pillar Without Mercy (Tsadik) listen
Falling In Reverse Fashionably Late (Epitaph) listen
» Fell Voices Regnum Saturni (Gilead) listen
Fractured Spine Songs Of Slumber (Inverse) listen
Fuck The Facts Amer listen listen
Deveykus Pillar Without MercyHigh On Fire Spitting Fire Live Vols. 1 and 2 (eOne) listen
Infinita Symphonia Infinita Symphonia (Scarlet) listen
Lychgate Lychgate (Gilead) listen
Masterplan Novum Initium (AFM) listen listen
Meads Of Asphodel Sonderkommando (Candlelight) listen
Mean Streak Trial By Fire (Black Lodge) listen
Nox Ultima From Delirium To Catharsis (Inverse) listen
One Minute Silence Fragmented Armageddon EP (Micro, Inc.) listen
Fell Voices Regnum SaturniPotential Threat SF Civilization Under Threat (Old School Metal) listen
Unconventional Disruption Flood To Euthanasia (Memorial) listen
Valient Thorr Our Own Masters (Volcom) listen
Vardan Lifeless Shadow (Moribund) listen
Xerxes Would You Understand? (No Sleep) listen


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