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Secondus Chanceous To Jam Venomous Maximus


Venomous Maximus

Say, do u read the Metal Sucks new releases round-up Shit That Comes Out Today every Tuesday? Yes? Aw thanks man! I for one can no longer imagine life before STCOT, back when I was scrambling hither and yon in an attempt to discover, preview, and jam wildly to all of the week’s new releases in heavy music. What a drag!

But those days are gone. We take the entire New Releases section, unlock its contents, and move it to the space right in front of your face. (Yes, u are so welcome! lol) But u may overlook some stuff, like Venomous Maximus from Texas, whose Beg Upon The Light appeared in STCOT first back in October. Don’t freak out though, as fortune is smiling on u: Napalm Records wisely will release a gussied-up version of Beg on July 9. So another chance is yours to be ravished by V-Max’s occult-acid thrash (“Path Of Doom” below, “Moonchild” is here via Bloody Disgusting). Can u believe they opened for Guns N’ Roses in Houston last month? That must’ve been a trip :)

Pre-order Venomous Maximus’ Beg Upon The Light here.

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