Everyone's Replaceable

And the New Bassist for Machine Head is…

  • Axl Rosenberg

Jared MacEachern!

Jared MacEachern

“Who the fuck is Jared MacEachern?” you ask. A fair question indeed! He used to be the guitarist and vocalist for this totally mediocre band called Trivium 2.0 Sanctity, who released one album on Roadrunner and then promptly fell apart. He also filled in for former MH bassist Adam “I Gotta Take A” Duce when Duce was injured in 2007… although, oddly enough, not as a bass player, but, rather, as a backing vocalist “to hit the high harmonies,” according to Robb Flynn. I saw Machine Head on that tour and I have no recollection whatsoever of MacEachern being on stage, but I trust the band to remember better than I do.

ANYWAY, even though I didn’t really like Sanctity, I’m sure if MacEachern got the gig, he’s more than able to do the job. I hope to feel comfortable no longer ribbing him about the fact that his old band’s lead single was about getting tattooed in the very near future.

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