Saturday Song to Get Stoned To

Saturday To Get In The Pants

  • Kip Wingerschmidt



In addition to celebrating our nation’s independence this week, I propose we also pay homage to the greatest gift of all: fuckin.

True, nothing says ‘merica like beer, BBQ, and fireworks, but let’s not forget why/how we all here: fuckin.

Before, during, and after any 4th of July plans you may have, don’t you dare neglect the holiest of holy acts, the cleanest dirty time one can have; for chrissakes let’s make this an Indepants Day to remember and bump thine uglies.

If the mood isn’t all you’d expect it to be, or too much whiskey makes your down-below dry/limp up, remember you can always re-visit the grill station and nab some ketchup and/or mustard for lubrication.

Now what are you waiting for???

GO — MAKE — SEX . . .

…in, on, or at least near someone.  Pets don’t count.  Or do they?

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