Megadeth Express Self-Loathing Via “Super Collider” Video

  • Axl Rosenberg

In the video for the title track from Megadeth’s Pooper Collider (glowing review), Dave Mustaine plays an uptight prick who’s too concerned with the sexual proclivities of others, Dave Ellefson plays an irresponsible teacher who doesn’t supervise his students’ work with dangerous chemicals, Chris Broderick plays a gym teacher, and Shawn Drover plays a janitor. In other words, they made a video where the two boring old men in the band play boring old men, while the help plays the help. It is a beautifully Freudian acknowledgement of shittiness.

I have to assume that Mustaine had something to do with the conception of the story line, too, because a) Dave Mustaine isn’t exactly known for being “hands off” when it comes to ‘Deth, and b) the clip is definitely a fifty-year-old man’s fantasy of a fifteen-year-old kid’s fantasy: The smart guy gets the girl in the end! So keep studying, because it will get you laid in the long term!

Only that’s not even what this video really says. Because the girl never rejects the nerdy boy — her father does. So the message is more akin to: She will fuck you to get back at her dad!

Actually, maybe this video isn’t as dumb as I thought it was.

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