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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: July 9, 2013

  • David Lee Rothmund

Sirenia Perils Of Deep

Well, July’s weight is upon us, smushing us like a fat man’s muffin top. Release the tension and cool off the sweat by rocking this new Shit That Comes Out Today below! You won’t be disappointed, cause there’s a huge list this week, and it’s full of all kinds of shit for whatever kind of penetration your perverted earholes want!


Wilson Full Blast FuckeryWilson
Full Blast Fuckery (Easy Killer)
On a playlist with: Destrage, GWAR, Andrew W.K.
Listen Full Blast Fuckery full fucking stream (here)

An album that doesn’t take itself so seriously is as refreshing as a vodka-spiked limeade on a 95-degree day. (Seriously, lemonade sucks in comparison.) So that’s what Full Blast Fuckery is — a refreshing summer beverage which gets you roasty-toasty in no time. The straightforward guitarwork and song structure in Fuckery is peppered with little vocal moments and pick scrapes and weird solos and all that shit. But most importantly, it comes forward just wanting to have a great time! And how can your criticize that? You can’t! Just rock it and feel good, mkay? And if you can’t be sold that easily, tune in to the fourth track “College Gangbang.” The title is enough said.


Majalis Cathodic BlackMajalis
Cathodic Black (Pulverised)
On a playlist with: The Ocean, October Tide, The End
Listen “Altar” (here)

I don’t usually go after bands/albums that are so downtrodden — but Majalis and Cathodic Black present a compelling exception. Majalis is not overly mournful/funereal/somber, and this has given them a weird, yet tasty, leaning toward the likes of The Ocean. Yeah, the synth in the background is sad, and Cathodic‘s songs are slow and powerful, but they’ve got a quality of being evil which makes everything more fitting for Satan’s funeral rather than for his cave of eternal displeasure. I also love how the songs gain and lose momentum willy-nilly. Pay attention at around 5:00 in “Altar” (above).


Bangladeafy - The BriefcaseBangladeafy
The Briefcase (Nefarious)
On a playlist with: ???
Listen “Elixir” (here)

The reason I’m writing about The Briefcase is that I have no idea what to say about it. We’ve already written that it’s “straight-up weird” — which is true — but it goes further than that. It’s bollocks nuthouse infirm crazy. And that is complimentary, you see, because I’ve always wanted to experience music made by epileptic schizophrenics with worms in their butt! No doubt the Bangladeafy guys are talented as all hell, but The Briefcase more or less disregards every musical convention since, well, forever. I kind of like it though, it feels caveman/unga-bunga but modern at the same time. If nothing else, it’s an experience.


Spheron Ecstasy Of GodSpheron
Ecstasy Of God (Apostasy)
On a playist with: Obscura, Soreption, Beyond Creation
Listen Ecstasy Of God full stream (here) “Saturnian Satellites” (here)

You tech-death fans are gonna be stoked about this one, I already know it. Ecstasy Of God is Spheron’s first full-length, and no fussing about, it is one hell of a freshman release. It’s not “heavy” at all, really — meaning no wicked downtuning or cheap-shot breakdowns. It’s pure riffage, just razors and precision, yet it flows just like diarrhea after Indian food. I love how the jackhammer drumming and guitar interludes transform run-of-the-mill tremolo picking into something fresh. Ecstasy reminds me of the first time I heard LOG’s As The Palaces Burn and Soreption’s Deteroriation Of Minds — they are all so guitar-focused and so crispy in my ears that I’ll cherish them forever.


enomous Maximus Beg Upon The LightVenomous Maximus
Beg Upon The Night (Napalm)
On a playlist with: Bloody Hammers, Gypsyhawk, Stubb
Read Anso DF MetalSucks blurb (here)
Listen Beg Upon The Night full stream (here)

As our BFF Anso DF saidSTCOT is pretty much the best thing ever. And I’m compelled to agree! But a close second would be Beg Upon The Night, which you should be listening to right fucking now as you read this. One MetalSucks commenter noted: “Dude’s vocals take some getting used to.” But it took me, um, 35 seconds to <3 the vocals hard cause somehow they make so much sense with the garage-band riffs and extra-crunch production varnish of Beg. If you’re like me and haven’t heard of these guys for some reason, then check it out now. This version has three bonus tracks!


My Heart To Fear Algorithm My Heart To Fear
Algorithm (Solid State)
On a playlist with: One Year Later, Adestria, Forty Fathoms
Listen “414 Days” (here) “The Witching Hour Pt. II” (here) “Bottomed Out” (here)

Here’s something which you may or may not hate: Algorithm, a smashing new release with plenty of potential — but also a bunch of Linkin Park-style chorus vocals which make me want dry heave. I’m a good sport with albums like these, and I ain’t gonna lie: I love the little percussive part in the middle of “Bottomed Out” and the semi-smash-core in “The Witching Hour Pt. II” — it just sounds and feels good, especially within the genre as a whole. But then things go downhill when the choruses roll out, so a listener must mentally edit out the vocals by focusing on the fresh guitar noodling. Over ‘n’ out.



Abstracter Tomb Of Feathers» Abstracter Tomb Of Feathers (The Path Less Traveled) listen
Battlecross War Of Will (Metal Blade) listen listen
» Besieged Victims Beyond All Help reissue (Unspeakable Axe) listen listen
Butcher Babies Goliath (Century Media) listen
Centuries Taedium Vitae (Southern Lord) listen
Coffins The Fleshland (Relapse) listen listen read
Corsair Alpha Centauri EP reissue (Shadow Kingdom) listen
Dying Spirit Uncomfortable Silences (Mulligore) listen
Besieged Victims Beyond All Help reissueEarthen Grave Earthen Grave (Ripple) listen
Erimha Reign Through Immortality (Victory) listen listen
Final Trigger Skrap Metal Vol. II (Boonsdale) listen
Girl On Fire Not Broken (Century Media) listen
Goatess Goatess (Svart) listen
Grime Deteriorate (Mordgrimm) listen
Gris À l’Âme Enflammée, l’Äme Constellée… (Sepulchral) listen listen
Humiliation Turbulence From The Deep (Deepsend) listen
Speaking The King's Here To StayI Killed Everyone Necrospire (Pavement) listen
In League With Lions Exposure EP (Harbor) listen
King Kobra II (Frontiers) listen
Letlive The Blackest Beautiful (Epitaph) listen
Like Moths To Flames An Eye For An Eye (Rise) listen
Lonewolf The Fourth And Final Horseman (Napalm) listen
Lord Dying Summon The Faithless (Relapse) listen
Lycus Tempest (20 Buck Spin) listen
Witch Cross Axe To GrindMonsters Scare You! Die A Legend (Century Media) listen
Pest The Crowning Horror (Agonia) listen listen listen
Shroud Eater Dead Ends (The Path Less Traveled) listen
¤ Sirenia Perils Of The Deep Blue (Nuclear Blast) listen listen
Sombres Forêts La Mort du Soleil (Sepulchral) listen
» Speaking The King’s Here To Stay EP (Nuclear Blast) listen
Unkind Pelon Juuret (Relapse) listen listen listen
Whitesnake Made In Britain: The World Record live 2CD (Frontiers) listen
» Witch Cross Axe To Grind (Hells Headbangers) listen
Womb Of The Desert Sun Where Moths Eat and Worms Destroy EP (The Path Less Traveled) listen
Womb Of The Desert Sun Invocation: Our Dying Days EP (The Path Less Traveled) listen listen


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