I Can’t Believe It’s We Butter The Bread With Butter


We Butter The BRead With butter Goldkinder

A few years ago, Berlin’s We Butter The Bread With Butter was making goofball-core songs about hardcore Pokémon and mom’s potato salad. Now they’re making, uh, scary serious shit? Take “Alles Was Ich Will,” our third peek at their upcoming sophomore album Goldkinder:

See, I’ve always loved the WBTBWB equation: sick vocals + German-language lyrics + experimental structures + silliness. That’ll keep your tongue wet, even when it’s been parched by all other jams. But from the look of its first three songs, we see that the self-produced Goldkinder will shit extensively on WBTBWB’s past; they now sound like a different band. And so it shall be, unless the rest of the album harkens back to 2009 when comedy reigned free and generic deathcore was still an unlaid log.

Goldkinder is out August 9. Pre-order here, and check out “Pyroman & Astronaut” (here) and “Das Uhrwerk” (here).

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