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Are Revocation Taking a Stand Against Hydraulic Fracturing in New Song “Fracked”?


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UPDATE, 5:52pm EDT: I have obtained a lyric sheet for “Fracked” from Revocation’s publicist, and have reached the conclusion that the song is DEFINITELY anti-fracking. Lyrics posted at the bottom of this post!

Original Post:

When I saw the title of Revocation’s new song “Fracked” — streaming right now at Loudwire — I had to wonder whether frontman Dave Davidson is taking a stand against hydraulic fracturing, aka “fracking,” a process whereby pressurized liquid chemicals are used to free up oil and natural gas trapped in tight rock formations deep within the earth. It’s a contentious practice that’s been linked to contaminated local drinking water supplies, sinkholes, flaming tap water, and increased cancer rates, amongst other NIMBYist concerns (but hey! all that matters is that it keeps the price of gas down! right?). Or is Davidson simply using “fracked” as a slang stand-in for “fucked”?

Now, I’m HORRIBLE, absolutely horrible, at discerning metal lyrics. Even from guys with decent diction like Dave Davidson. So this is my best attempt at the opening line of “Fracked:”

Blacken the earth into the depths below / burrowing demons where the rivers flow.

And then a little later in the first verse:

Laying waste to the forest ablaze / Now a wasteland is all that remains.

Based on just those two lines I’d say there’s a pretty good chance Davidson is indeed talking about hydraulic fracturing here — or at least some kind of environmental concern — and I’d wager he’s none too happy about it. Which is swell, because I absolutely agree with the fellow. “Fucked” would of course be a perfect way of describing the situation too, so it really works either way. It’s always great when folks you respect as musicians prove themselves to be rad human beings as well (heyo Joejira!).

Anyhoo, stream “Fracked” here. Revocation comes out on August 6th and we’ll have the full album stream for you before then right here at MetalSucks.


Cracking the earth down to the depths below
Burrowing deeper to where vapors flow
We descend into the unknown

Laying waste to the forests and plains
Now a wasteland is all that remains
Raping mother earth for a profitable gain

Unearthing the crypts, a foul stench spews forth from the deep
The plates start to shift, as open sores from the earth start to weep

Carcinogenic chemicals injected
While metal monoliths are quickly erected
A growing populace becoming more and more dejected

Flowing rivers of life now bring only death
Mephitic pools seep and infect
We continue to destroy at nature’s behest

Smashing through the hardest of stones, thousands of feet below
Dire consequences soon to be shown, unearthing effluvium from long ago
Water so contaminated that it can burst into flames
Poisoning the populace with vaporized remains

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