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In This Moment’s Maria Brink: Well-Informed

  • Axl Rosenberg

Maria Brink is a Dummy

For reasons I don’t really know, Steppin’ Out recently asked Suck This Moment vocalist Maria Brink what she thinks about the Anthony Weiner scandal. Brink’s reply was brief:

“I don’t know who that is.”

In Brink’s defense, she couldn’t exactly lie about not knowing who Weiner is, because she would have then had to weigh in on the situation, and her response may or may not have been inappropriate and/or made it clear that she was being dishonest (see: Sarah Palin’s assertion that she reads newspapers and magazines). Also in her defense, she’s a metal vocalist, and “discuss politics” is not generally considered to be part of her job description, although that doesn’t stop, like, any number of people in any number of other non-political professions from being up-to-date on current events.

Not in Brink’s defense, HOLY SHIT, DUMMY, TAKE A LOOK AT THE NEWS EVERY NOW AND AGAIN. It’s not as though Weiner is some obscure, or even semi-obscure, politico. As of this writing, Weiner is a leading story on the websites of CNN, MSNBC, and The New York TimesThey even discussed his so-called “cock up” on The Daily Show:


And “I’m on tour and unable to read the news” isn’t really a valid excuse because a) wi-fi, sucka, and b) THIS IS HIS SECOND SEX SCANDAL IN AS MANY YEARS, so even if by some miracle you didn’t hear about him last week, you presumably heard about him in 2011.

Furthermore, in this same interview, Brink asserts that —

  1. Her lyric “you love for me everything you hate me for” is “reverse psychology” when it is very clearly not reverse psychology at all.
  2. That she’s starting a charity group called W.H.O.R.E., which stands for “Women Honoring One Another Rising Eternally,” a phrase  both changes the charity’s acronym to “W.H.O.A.R.E.” (which may lead people to believe it’s an organization either for people with amnesia or lovers of the game Guess Who?), and which, besides that, really doesn’t mean anything. Why not just call it “Women Honoring Other Righteous Effeminates”? That took me two seconds to think of, and it makes it clear what the group stands for, and, oh yeah, it spells out “W.H.O.R.E.,” not “W.H.O.A.R.E.”

And maybe it’s wrong to extrapolate a connection between Brink’s horrible music and that fact that she is apparently unengaged intellectually… but, yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and extrapolate a connection between Brink’s horrible music and that fact that she is apparently unengaged intellectually. Hm.


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