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Gene Hoglan Found Out He Was No Longer in Fear Factory From the Internet



Besides being metal musicians, Gene Hoglan, Dave Lombardo, and Zakk Wylde now have something else in common: they all found out they’d been fired from their famous bands after reading it about it on the internet (Wylde in 2009, Lombardo earlier this year). The “Atomic Clock” tells Metal Doesn’t Suck:

“Yeah, they made some choices and I wasn’t a part of their choices, so it was like ‘Ok. You got the human drum machine playing for you, but you’re going to record with a drum machine? Ok Bye.’ Like I was saying earlier it’s like I go where it’s fun and if it’s fun and I’m valued and I feel like part of the team – great – and apparently I was so not even part of team I wasn’t even told that ‘oh yeah we recorded the record, with the drum machine.’ I was waiting for a schedule, like seriously I waited. Waiting for like hey ‘When do you guys want to go to the studio, like hey I’m booked, I’m trying to get in touch with you guys to block time out – everybody’s asking me to come play on this project come do this over here. When are you guys going to go in the studio’ and they are like ‘Oh we will let you know.’ Then I read on Blabbermouth the album is done, I’m like ‘Ok well so am I, so you made your choice. Bye.’”

I wonder if this sort of seriously-dick-move  is unique to the modern age. It’s unthinkable that, for example, in 1992 Joey Belladonna would have found he was fired from Anthrax after reading about it in Circus, especially given the long-lead time magazines require… but I do wonder if dudes ever found out they’d been let go via MTV News. I’m guessing not, because so few metal bands would ever have been featured on MTV News, but who knows — a former MTV producer once claimed that’s how Slash found out he wasn’t in Guns N’ Roses anymore.

ANYWAY, yeah, it goes without saying that is incredibly disrespectful, not to mention chicken shit. Dino Cazares likes to give us crap here at MetalSucks for writing under pen names, but at least we communicate with our co-workers. Sheesh.

[via Metal Insider]

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