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This is Justin K. Broadrick’s Spotify Playlist

  • Axl Rosenberg

Godflesh Spotify

In the words of one Vincent Neilstein, Esq., “I love these celebrity playlists, including the ones we run here on MetalSucks, for providing a small window into the minds of our favorite musicians.” The latest Spotify playlist by an extreme music notable to find its way online comes from Justin K. Broadrick, and is intended to help promote Godflesh’s upcoming U.S. tour.

Given the eclectic nature of Mr. Broadrick’s own work, and the fact that a decent percentage of his output isn’t even really metal, it probably won’t surprise fans to find a diverse array of artists and genres on the playlist: Discharge, Aphex Twin, Celtic Frost, Brian Eno, Pink Floyd, The Stooges, Eric B. & Rakim… dude has good taste, huh? Not shocking.

Check out Broadrick’s playlist below. You can get dates for that Godflesh tour here. Broadrick also recently announced a new Jesu album, Every Day I Get Closer to the Light From Which I Came, which comes out September 23.

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