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Break Like the Windhand



“Orchard,” the new song from Windhand, is so stonery that you may get a contact high just from listening to it. Dorthia Cortrell’s androgynous vocals and the guitar solo both sound as though they were recorded in an echo chamber, and the rest of the guitars are so fuzzy you can practically feel the bristle of their five o’clock shadow.

And while the song does adhere to one of the foremost rules of stoner-doom — namely: find cool riff, repeat over and over and over again —  you won’t go through multiple birthdays listening to “Orchard;” it doesn’t outstay its welcome. My immediate reaction to “Orchard” was, “Can I hear the rest of this album now?”

Check out “Orchard” here. It will appear on Windhand’s Soma, which comes out September 17 via Relapse.

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