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Suffer the “Weight of Emptiness” with Ulcerate


Ulcerate - Vermis

“Weight of Emptiness” is the second song we’re hearing from Ulcerate’s new album Vermis — we got “Confronting Entropy” earlier this month — and it’s a crusher, for sure. Listen over at Loudwire then come back here and let’s discuss, shall we?

When “Confronting Entropy” came out I complained about the change from crisp, clear production on The Destroyers of All to the more raw approach this time around. With “Weight of Emptiness” I’m starting to see how this sonic change can make sense; the song’s mellower sections really allow all the instruments space to breathe, and the result is an airy feeling like you’re right there in the band’s rehearsal studio. Things get a bit muddy and harder to follow when Jamie St. Merat starts blasting through the middle section. Still, I really like this song a lot, more than I liked “Confronting Entropy.” I can see how this new production direction might manifest over the course of the full album and I’m open to it.

Check out “Weight of Emptiness” at Loudwire already, wouldja? Vermis comes out on September 17th and can be ordered here.

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