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This Hand-Fart Cover of Gojira’s “Flying Whales” Doesn’t Stink

  • Axl Rosenberg

Gojira Flying Farts

This video presents me with something of an emotional paradox. I feel like the fact that this dude took enough time to practice covering Gojira’s “Flying Whales” via the medium of hand-farts that he became sufficiently confident enough to perform it for the band (MARIO DUPLANTIER IS SO INTO IT THAT HE ACTUALLY SHUSHES PEOPLE) probably means that he never, ever gets laid. When it should mean that he gets laid CONSTANTLY. I mean, let’s be real: “Flying Farts” is still better than anything that Attila will ever begin to imagine.

Seriously, ladies: how could that NOT get you totally soaked???

[via Metal Injection]

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