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Periphery’s Jake Bowen Launches Country Music Side Project


Jake Bowen - Productable

MetalGF and I do quite a bit of traveling around the good ol’ U.S. of A, and a favorite pastime of ours on these trips is listening to modern country radio in whatever stock American rental vehicle we’re currently calling our own. The country radio playlist at any given time consists of maybe 15-20 songs on repeat — and the songs are insanely simple and catchy as hell — so it doesn’t take long at all for us to be complete experts on the modern country scene! At this point we consider ourself experts. So imagine our surprise earlier this summer when we learned that Periphery’s Jake Bowen has launched an extremely successful country side project with a massive hit called “Anywhere with You” that’s currently sweeping the nation. I mean, like, this thing is a HUGE hit (no joke), and it’s no wonder he’s trying to keep word from getting out amongst the metal crowd. Check it out:

Dude can write a catchy tune, amirite?? Who knew the songwriting genius behind all of Periphery’s commercial success was Jake this whole time, not Misha, as everyone brazenly assumes? And the guy can sing, too. Dat twang!

Jake recently released a couple of follow-up tracks called “Ligature” and “Productable” from an an as-of-yet unnamed solo album. IMO he’s totally selling out by abandoning his country roots and getting with the modern electronic sounds of today’s youth, but what can you do.

[via The PRP]

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