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Trivium Reveal Why David Draiman Insists on Typing in ALL CAPS


Teaching Draiman To TweetDavid Draiman is known for a lot of things — making monkey noises, being bald, taking moral issue with Lemmy collecting Nazi memorabilia but no moral issue with Dave Mustaine being a racist homophobe, and, of course, constantly tweeting/posting to Facebook in ALL CAPS the way old people sometimes do because they don’t understand how irritating it is (my father, twenty-six years Draiman’s senior, used to do it). And it was that final issue which came up during Trivium’s recent appearance on The Metal Hammer Magazine Show (below, around the 6:47 mark). And, funny enough, Trivium were actually able to provide an answer as to Draiman’s reason for refusing to shut his goddamn caps lock off:

“The reason it started is back in the early days of the Disturbed fan club with the message boards, he would do the all-cap thing so people knew it was him writing to it, and that just became his signature, that he always does it from then on.”

Assuming this is accurate (and I see no reason why the members of Trivium would lie about it), Draiman must not be too bright. Because (and I shouldn’t have to explain this, but I will anyway) —

  • Literally anyone can type in all caps. LOOK, I’M DOING IT NOW. It doesn’t prove I’m Dave Draiman. It proves I know how to use either the “caps lock” and/or “shift” keys on my keyboard.
  • A signature is something unique and easily-identifiable. I don’t know when capital letters were created, but the fact that I don’t know when capital letters were created tells me that it was probably a really, really long time ago. This being the case, it is not unique, and does not act as a very good signature.
  • There’s both a picture and a name right above each and every tweet and Facebook post in order to help the reader identify the writer. Therefore, a signature to alert people as to your identity is wholly unnecessary.
I know the feeling.
I know the feeling.
That time you wished yourself a happy birthday on Facebook.
That time you wished yourself a happy birthday on Facebook.

So: what conclusion can we draw about David Draiman based on this information?

[via The PRP]

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