Outpatients: New Music from SikTh Frontman Mikee Goodman


Oh, SiKth, how we miss you. Various members of the band have certainly been keeping busy since they broke up in 2008; we’ve had Aliases and we’ve had Primal Rock Rebellion, to name a couple, and while both have been pretty solid neither captured that same magic.

Vocalist Mikee Goodman’s new project Outpatients might or might not be cool — I think the jury is still out — but it certainly is different, at the very least. Goodman teams with a Japanese female vocalist named Yuuri he met on a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun and lays the Sikth-like dual-vocal attack on top of a kind of electro-metal hybrid, summoning his inner Benji Webbe in an almost ragga-style vocal delivery. I think I like what I’m hearing. Check out the video for “Throw Rocks” above; no word on an album release.

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