Jumping Darkness Parade

Jumping Darkness Parade: Putting in the Work, Volume 3 (Jeff Loomis)


Jumping Darkness Parade / Eyal Levi

Ok. I know what you guys are going to say….

There’s absolutely nothing basic about this video. In fact, it’s kind of mind blowing isn’t it ? This is definitely not some basic guitar playing. But it’s rooted in the basics. This example is played to total perfection in terms of tone, feel, technical execution, and at an incredibly high speed to boot.

But how do you think Jeff got good enough to pull this off?

I don’t want to pretend like I’m psychic but I would be willing to bet that I know what he didn’t do to get this good. I am willing to bet that he did NOT get this good by practicing sloppy, half baked sweeps like I hear all over modern djent and prog records.

Guys, when you’re playing arpeggios, just because you can hear the first note and the last note it doesn’t mean that you’re nailing them. If everything in between is a total pile of aural mush you are butchering the technique. And on top of that, you’re giving a bad name to musicians with the integrity and commitment to actually master their instruments.

Ever heard the expression perfect practice makes perfect?

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