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Exclusive Track Premiere: White Widows Pact’s “Say Goodnight to the Bad Guy”


White Widows Pact

We all know that Converse makes awesome sneakers (no exaggeration, our own Axl Rosenberg hasn’t worn any other brand since roughly 2004), but did you know that they also have a recording studio in Brooklyn… which they allow bands to use 100% FREE of charge? It’s true! Converse Rubber Tracks is a state of the art recording studio, complete with its own qualified sound engineers and too much equipment to even list here, that can be used by musicians of any genre to record their own music for FREE, the rights to which they completely retain. It sounds too good to be true… and yet, it’s a really real thing!

MetalSucks has teamed up with Converse Rubber Tracks to give five bands the opportunity to record in the studio for a day absolutely free of charge, inviting bands to apply through an open submission process this past May and June. Axl and Vince sifted through all the band entries — yes, every single one of them! — and chose their favorites. Subsequently, those five bands recorded new songs at Converse Rubber Tracks in August for a day each. Now, at last, MetalSucks is proud to debut the results! We’ll premiere one band’s song every day this week. Earlier this week we debuted new tracks from No SalvationTorrential Downpour and Ruby the Hatchet, and today we continue with Brooklyn’s White Widows Pact.

I’ve run out of good things to say about White Widows Pact since we’ve been raving about them pretty much all year. If you’re new to WWP this description I published a few months back pretty much nails it: “Never before have power groove, sludge and hardcore-style vocals meshed so well together; it’s like if Vinnie Paul sat in with Crowbar and asked Jacob Bannon to get up on stage and sing.”

So the question was, after releasing their debut album earlier this year, what would these come up with next when faced with the prospect of cranking out new jams? Even faster, even dirtier, even darker, and even more pissed off music… that’s what. The riffs in “Say Goodnight to the Bad Guy,” the song the band recorded during their free day at Converse Rubber Tracks, rips as hard as anything they’ve before — those meaty riffs! Loving every second of it. Not content to simply bide their time, the WWP dudes cranked out a Nirvana cover while they were in the studio too — look for that at some point in the future.

Check out “Say Goodnight to the Bad Guy” below.

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